Does TDP Has The Strength To Come To Power In Telangana?

March 29 is a bid day for the grand old Telugu Desam Party as it marks the foundation day of the party. Yesterday was the 41st foundation day and massive celebrations were made for this. The party leaders and cadre took part in the celebrations. Pearl city Hyderabad hosted the celebrations.

The celebrations were held at the Nampally Exhibition Grounds in Hyderabad. The party leaders came together for the occasion. Party chief Chandrababu Naidu graced the event and addressed the leaders. He told the leaders how they should work in the future.

At the event, Chandrababu Naidu made some key comments and said that the party should get back its lost glory in the state. He even said that the party is a necessity for people in the state to improve their financial situation. Chandrababu Naidu said that TDP was founded for the self-respect of the Telugu people.

After hearing the comments of the TDP boss many doubt whether it is possible or not. The grand old party still has a good presence in Khammam and areas where settlers are in good numbers. The party can either win the elections or be a deciding factor.

But winning the elections and bringing back the lost glory is not a small thing. It needs more than a miracle to achieve it. First, the party had to identify the leaders for the constituencies. Identifying the leaders is one thing and grooming them as leaders is another thing. As Andhra Pradesh is TDP's prime focus, the party can't put much focus on Telangana.

Despite the state bifurcation, TDP won a few MLA seats and MP seats in 2014. However, the TDP could not repeat the same magic in the 2018 polls. Drawing a comparison between the two elections, the political experts say that TDP has a presence in the party, but there is no clarity if the presence would bring the party to power.

On the other hand, the political picture in Telangana politics is that the ruling BRS and opposition parties Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party are looking strong. If the TDP has to come to power then it had to create a space among the three parties.
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