TDP's Strong Response To YCP's Manavallu Briefed me Tweet!

Social media is a powerful medium to send a strong message to people. The power of the media is that even the political parties bank heavily to shape public opinion. We are seeing how social media is impacting the election win in the country since 2014. Almost all the states are experiencing this.

Having understood the power of social media, the parties are active. The ruling and opposition parties are using social media as a big platform to target each other. Andhra Pradesh is not an exemption from this. YSRCP and TDP are aggressively targeting each other on social media.

The elections are slated for commencement next year and the political heat has increased now. With this, the ruling YSRCP and opposition Telugu Desam Party are not leaving any stone unturned to target the opponents.

In one such example, the YSRCP tried to target TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu using his famous phrase "Manvallu Briefed Me". Typing the same they urged everyone to complete the iconic conversation in the comment section. The party also used the #CBNVoteForNotepolitics.

The opposition TDP also did not take a back step and indirectly targeted the party in the YS Viveka case. Talking about the case, the party said Abbai Killed Babai brutally and said it completed the conversation in the bathroom section.

"Manavallu Briefed me________ Complete the most iconic conversation in the comment section!," the YCP said on Twitter. "Manavallu Briefed me________ That #AbbaiKilledBabai brutally with an axe..Completed the most iconic murder in the bathroom section!," TDP replied.
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