Supreme Court Fixes Deadline For YS Viveka's Case Investigation!

Without any doubt, former MP YS Vivekananda Reddy's death is a sensational case in Andhra Pradesh. The case has been going on for four long years. At regular intervals, we are seeing sensational developments in the case. Yet again the case saw some serious developments which made the people discuss them.

As a big development, the Supreme Court gave key orders directing the Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) to finish the probe by the 30th of April. Not just that the Apex Court also gave its nod for a new Special Investigation Team (SIT) in the case. The main investigating officer Ram Singh was removed from the case. The new SIT will be headed by DIG KR Chourasia.

There is a reason behind changing Ram Singh. He is facing allegations of targeting the accused. A few accused said the same in court and the court also expressed its dissatisfaction with the delay in the case investigation.

Earlier, the Supreme Court expressed its dissatisfaction with the delay in the case. The Apex Court asked how long the CBI would take to probe the issue. Now it set a time to finish the case investigation. The CBI said that there is a political motive for the death. However, the Supreme Court was not satisfied with this.

Now the Supreme Court had set a time to complete the probe. During the arguments, the bench of the Supreme Court is believed to have said that it is already late and hence it is fixing a time for the probe.

Shivashankar Reddy is A5 in this case. His wife moved the Supreme Court seeking bail for him. However, the Apex Court said no to the bail. We have to wait and see what happens in the case next.
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