Woman Wants Court To Stop Sperm Donor from Further Donation!

In a piece of shocking news, an organisation and a woman filed a petition in court against a sperm donor. They sought directives from the court to stop the donor from donating the sperm further. As the donor is not following the guidelines, the petitioners sued the donor and knocked on the doors of the court.

Going into details, one Jonathan Jacob Meijer who is 41 years old is a sperm donor in the Netherlands. In his career, he fathered around 550 children with sperm donation. As per the rules, this is not acceptable and an organisation and a woman moved the court against him.

A woman who gave birth with Jonathan Jacob Meijer's sperm donation moved a court in the Netherlands seeking directives to stop him from donating sperm further. The woman said that one person making donations more than the limit would impact the physical and mental health of the kids.

As per the guidelines, one donor should not father more than 25 kids or should not donate to more than 12 women. However, he fathered around 105 kids which is a violation of the rules. In 2017 he was blacklisted for the violation after it was found that he fathered 102 children.

Even after getting blacklisted, the sperm donor did not stop sperm donation and the count of children he fathered reached 550. The  Dutch DonorKind Foundation which is also fighting the lawsuit in the case moved the court. The Foundation said that what the donor is doing is not right and he should be stopped at the earliest.

Even blacklisting could not stop him as he reached out to the women and clinics through the internet. His sperm donation reached all out to Australia and others from the Netherlands. It is said that he is living in Kenya and running the show from there.

A few women who received sperm donations from him are also said to be not happy with him as they are worried about the health and mental issues of their kids and the sperm court reduces gradually. However, the accused sperm donor is yet to respond.
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