These Are The New-Age Directors Who Are Shaking India!

The South cinema has changed its trend. When there is a new film from South India arriving, we get a feeling that the entire country is going to hear and witness it. This is the range of our South filmmakers these days. Our scripts are getting stronger with proper detailing, the characters are quite interesting and the innovation in the story is quite visible. Everything is going according to the director's vision rather than the tried and tested four fights and six songs formula. A lot of new generation directors are overtaking the senior star directors and moving ahead.

All the top stars are eyeing at the directors who score pan-Indian hits. This competition is not just limited to the South but even the North actors are willing to work with Southern directors. Who are these directors who changed the pattern of Indian cinema over the last few years?

Without a doubt, the first person on the list is SS Rajamouli. He is a pan-world director now and took the Indian film industry to a whole new level with his tremendous movies. His movies are winning international awards including the Oscars. Every actor in the industry wants to work with Rajamouli at least once in their career now.

Prasanth Neel is another director who created a sensation with 'KGF' franchise. This movie made him famous all over the nation. Despite making his debut with a small Kannada film, he created a havoc with 'KGF' and broke box office records. He is one of the most sought after directors in India.

Another creative filmmaker is Sukumar. With the success of 'Pushpa', he became a top director and the expectations are sky high over 'Pushpa 2'. The first part came out with zero expectations and became a sensation. Sukumar redesigned the second part in such a way that it becomes an international success according to reports.

Another wonderful talent in this list is Lokesh Kanagaraj. This young sensation turned everyone's heads with 'Khaidi' and his unique gangster dramas became a rage among the youth. His 'Lokesh Kanagaraj Universe' is something to marvel at and he became famous all over the country.

Another phenomenal Telugu talent in this list is Chandoo Mondeti. His mystery thriller 'Karthikeya 2' arrived as a small film in the Northern market and became a huge hit. He presented the unique storyline in the most compelling manner and his directorial abilities were on full display. There is a possibility of a third part too and the only way for this director is upwards.

Rishab Shetty too stunned everyone with 'Kantara'. The movie went onto become a record breaking hit in Karnataka and termed as a pan-Indian as well. A lot of production houses are behind him now. Atlee is another big filmmaker who is showcasing his talent by becoming a star director in Tamil at a very young age and he is now directing Shah Rukh Khan in Hindi.

These are the supreme talents who are creating wonders on the screens and taking Indian cinema to greater heights.
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