Congress Or BRS, With Which Party D Srinivas Is Now?

Veteran Congress leader and ex-MP D Srinivas is a strange case. His political journey started with the Grand old Congress. However, he took the TRS route after the state bifurcation and was even made a Rajya Sabha member. However, he is staying away from political parties for some time.

The other day he met the Congress leaders and they gave a grand welcome to him. This gave birth to the reports and news of his going to his old party Congress. But the issue took an unexpected turn.

The confusion about his political stand continued as he resigned from the party. The other day there was news that he joined Congress along with his son. However, he issued a resignation letter to the party. In the letter, he said that he went to meet the leaders and they presented him with a shawl and people started assuming things.

Not just that, his wife also sent a letter urging the Congress leaders to leave him alone. Saying that his health is not good, she requested everyone to not drag him into politics again.

The unexpected development shocked everyone. No one knows what changed in one day that D Srinivas changed his opinion and sent a resignation. As he sent his resignation, a new debate started on whether he is with the ruling BRS. Owing to his health he is not taking active roles in politics.

On the other hand, there is also an opinion that D. Srinivas's son Dharmapuri Arvind who is Nizamabad MP from BJP might have opposed the move, and with this, he announced his resignation.
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