MLC Cross Votes: Why MLAs Are Coming Out Now?

The recent MLC elections became a big sensation in Andhra Pradesh politics. The cross-vote issue in the elections helped the opposition TDP win one seat. The elections also resulted in four YSRCP MLAs getting suspended for allegedly cross-voting. The MLAs are saying that they did not cross-vote for anyone.

On top of this, the MLAs are alleging that they are approached by the Telugu Desam Party for a cross-vote. Razole MLA Rapaka who is supporting the YCP alleged that he was offered Rs 10 crores for voting in the MLC polls. His comments created a sensation.

After Rapaka it is the turn of TDP rebel MLA Maddali Giridhar Rao to make the allegations. He alleged that he was approached by a few TDP leaders for a vote. He even said that he received a few calls and dared to check his call history if there are any doubts.

The question here is why the leaders did not make the comments when they received the phones. If they would have made the same comments before or during the polls, then the MLC elections would have been different. But the MLAs stayed silent and are coming out now.

After the election result, the YCP is alleging that the leaders were influenced by the TDP by paying big money. Instead of accepting the defeat and looking into the areas where it was wrong, YCP is alleging foul play.

Surprisingly, the two MLAs are saying the same. Be it Rapaka or Maddali, their comments are very close to what the ruling party said. The allegations are not small ones. But the leaders came out only after the election results were out.
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