No Change In The Title Of Hindi Remake! Why?

The remake of Prabhas and Rajamouli's super hit movie 'Chatrapathi' is finally getting released on May 12th. The makers released an official poster announcing the release date. They retained the original title which left many people surprised. The movie's unit faced a lot of problems ever since the beginning. The over spending of budget, reshoots, rain damaging the sets and many other issues came up but the makers found a solution to everything and wrapped up the shooting. The post-production works are currently going on.

Remaking a Rajamouli film is a tough task in itself and it is going to be the launchpad of Bellamkonda Srinivas in Hindi. The dubbed version of 'Chatrapathi' is quite popular in North India as people watched it multiple times in Sony Max. After the success of 'Baahubali', the television channel aired this movie quite frequently. The movie also has millions of views on YouTube.

Sources say that the makers have spent 2 crores on the title and someone already registered it in Hindi. The poster showcases Srinivas standing n the water with a copper bowl in one hand, and there are injuries on his back. He wears sacred threads around his neck and on his arm. As Telugu movie lovers might know, this is a still from the iconic fight scene between Shivaji and Katraj.

Many say that the director should have chosen a different name rather than going for the original. It looks like VV Vinayak who remade the super hit movie did not make a lot of changes. We need to wait and see how many people turn up to theatres for watching Bellamkonda's 'Chatrapathi' while Prabhas' 'Chatrapathi' is available on television and YouTube.
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