Is 'Game Changer' The Right Fit For Charan?

Fans of Ram Charan waited eagerly for the title of #RC15 for a long time and the team revealed it on the star hero's birthday. A lot of titles were doing rounds on social media and one of them was 'CEO'. Many expected this to be finalized as the name of this movie but they were surprised to see that this pan-Indian project is named 'Game Changer'. While some are liking the name and claiming that it might be the right option for the story, there are a few who are not happy with such a passive title.

Shankar is known for giving English names to movies. 'Gentleman', 'Indian', 'Boys', 'Robo', 'I', '2.0' and others stand as examples. But fans of Charan are not used to such a title. The mass audience need a catchy title even if it is in English. Despite the initial criticism, titles like 'Legend', 'RRR' and others worked because they are powerful and small. But 'Game Changer' is quite long and it may take some time for the viewers to get used to it. The movie is a political drama made in Shankar style and the movie is going to have a rural backdrop in the flashback episodes according to reports.

Some set of the audience feel that the team should have chosen another title. But one must understand that Ram Charan is a huge star right now and he has a strong fanbase all over the nation. He got international fame too after 'RRR'. So, the title needs to be familiar with people across the country and get universal acceptance. With 'Game Changer' reportedly being the right one for the story, they went ahead with this title rather than 'CEO' or 'Sarkarodu'.

The main task for Ram Charan right now is to break the Rajamouli sentiment with 'Game Changer'. As we know, the next movie of a hero who worked with Rajamouli will become a failure and it has been proven for the last two decades. Also, the Rajamouli took the lion's share of credit for 'RRR' and the rest had to be shared with NTR. So, 'Game Changer' is going to be a crucial film in Ram Charan's career. Shankar is suffering from a dip in form lately and it will be interesting to see if he bounces back with Charan's film or not.
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