Political Row Over Rape Convict Sharing Stage With BJP MLA!

The controversial BBC documentary brought the forgotten scar in the history of Gujarat, the 2002 Godhra Riots. Another issue that kept the riots in the middle of the news is the much-talked-about gangrape of Bilkis Bano. The victim has been fighting the case. The Bench of the Supreme Court will hear the Premature Release Of 11 Convicts.

Amid this, one of the convicts in the case was spotted at an event. He shared the stage with a BJP MLA. The pictures of the accused with the ruling party MLA created political controversy and the opposition parties are lashing out at the party for this.

Going into details, an event was held in Gujarat to launch a water supply scheme. One of the convicted in the case Shailesh Bhatt was believed to have shared the stage with two MLAs. The pictures are now doing rounds on social media with the opposition lashing out at the leaders.

Earlier, the convicted were released from the court prematurely. This became a big controversy with various parties raising their voices on how the rapists can be released from jail. The victim in the case who was shocked by this started a legal battle in the Supreme Court.

The convicts in the case were released from jail for Independence Day. While their release was a big shock, the grand welcome they received raised many eyeballs. People gathered in big numbers and sweets were distributed. This gave a big chance for the opposition to target the BJP. As if that wasn't enough, one of the convicts in the case staged a stage with the two MLAs.

The 11 are convicted of gang-raping victim Bano, who was five months old back then during the riots. The convicted gang raped the victim and killed her family members including her three-year-old daughter during the 2002 Gujarat riots. They were convicted in 2008. One Of the accused filed for a mercy petition.

A bunch of petitions were filed in the Supreme Court challenging the premature release of the convicts. A few politicians also filed the petition. The Supreme Court Bench would hear the petitions.
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