Growth Of Vehicles In Divided Telangana In Nine Years!

It's been nine years since Telangana was bifurcated from the combined Andhra Pradesh. Despite making baby steps, the 29th state in the country is going strong in development. Not just IT, Telangana is also setting a good standard in infrastructure and tourism attractions. More and more flyovers are built to ease the traffic.

Telangana has another aspect where it is going strong, which is the vehicle population. Over the years the number of vehicles in Telangana increased massively and there are more vehicles in the state than households. While there are one crore and 20 lakh families in the state there are one crore 53 lakh vehicles.

Around 90 lakh vehicles have increased in the state in the past nine years. While there are 71.52 lakh vehicles in the state when Telangana was bifurcated, the vehicles count crossed the 1.53 crore mark. The two-wheelers account for the lion's share of the vehicles.

While the number of personal vehicles increased massively, the public vehicles count dropped. On the other hand, the income the state is getting through taxes and registrations. In the past nine years, the income rose by many folds. The data says that the Transport department earned over Rs 2,000 crores this year. Families having good income appears to be the reason for this massive growth.

It is known that fuel prices are at an all-time high. However, this did not stop people from buying Petrol and Diesel vehicles. Every year new vehicles are hitting the roads, which is resulting in growing air pollution.

The Indian government is focusing on pushing green energy and electric vehicles in the country. However, Telangana is yet to get a good push in this area. There are less than 60,000 vehicles in the state.

The Telangana government is also encouraging people to buy electric vehicles. A few months back KTR inaugurated the E-moto show and said that the state would emerge as the big platform for electric vehicles.

However, the state is yet to reach the position. There are over 5,000 two-wheeler electric vehicles, followed by 3,083 autos, light vehicles, 499 taxis, and 40 buses.
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