TDP To Decide On Alliances At Hyd Politburo Meeting?

The Grand old Telugu Desam Party is in full josh. After winning the three Graduates MLC seats, the opposition party won one MLC seat under the MLA quota. The two elections gave a big strength to the party that it can win the general elections. On top of this, four rebel YSRCP leaders voted for the opposition leaders. Two YCP MLAs said that many other MLAs are looking at leaving the party.

On the flip side, the Telugu Desam Party is gearing up to hold the politburo meeting in Hyderabad on March 28. After a long time, the party is focusing on Telangana. When the cash-for-vote scam came out, TDP was restricted to Andhra Pradesh alone. After TRS became BRS, TDP is also focusing on Telangana.

The political experts say that the politburo meeting would set a tone for polls for the TDP. Many say that the grand old party would decide on the alliance for the polls. The Telugu Desam Party would announce the alliance considering various aspects.

The party is in a strong position in areas like Khammam and others. So the party can be a deciding factor in the areas. For the 2018 polls, TDP allied with Congress and Communist parties. However, KCR used the Telangana movement and tasted victory.

But the same would not work this time as TRS became BRS. TDP allegedly wants to join hands with BJP. However, the saffron party is not showing any interest. Keeping this in mind, the TDP might go for like-minded parties. Besides BJP, Congress is in a good position in the state. However, if it joins hands with Congress then it would not have a chance for an alliance with BJP.

While this is the situation for the party ahead of the 42nd foundation day, the situation is appearing somewhat close in Andhra Pradesh. The two elections gave a strong message that it is still in a strong position. Post the elections, many leaders are said to be busy lobbying to get an appointment of Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh.

However, the TDP boss is not in a hurry. After the 2014 polls, many leaders from the YSRCP and others joined the grand old party. However, the new joinings led to internal fights. This resulted in the party losing the elections. The party doesn't want to repeat the same.
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