Deshamuduru - Will Special Shows Be a Dealbreaker?

The re-release trend has gained a lot of momentum in recent times, with several old movies getting a second lease of life at the box office. Allu Arjun's hit movie is also set to be re-released, much to the delight of his fans who have been eagerly waiting for this announcement.

However, there seems to be a roadblock in the form of special shows for Desamuduru on 08th April. Reports suggest that the producer of the movie, DVV Danayya, is asking for a whopping sum of ₹25 lakhs from the organizers to grant permission for special shows.

This demand has put the organizers in a tricky situation, and discussions are currently underway to try and secure the screening permission from the producer. It remains to be seen if a deal can be struck, and if the special shows for Desamuduru can go ahead as planned.

Allu Arjun enjoys a massive fan following, and his fans are eagerly looking forward to the re-release of his first movie. It remains to be seen if this roadblock can be overcome, and if the movie can get the special shows that have been planned.
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