Dasara: Director Speaks Out on Censorship Controversy

Nani is a well-known actor whose movies are generally considered family-friendly. However, his upcoming movie Dussehra appears to be different from his previous films. The teaser and trailer suggest that Nani will be portraying a more action-oriented and intense character in this film.

Moreover, the film has been subjected to an unusually large number of cuts by the censor board, with 36 edits made before it was deemed fit for release. When asked about the censorship issue, director Srikanth Odela expressed his ignorance about the rules and regulations of the censor board.

He clarified that the word "Banchat" was used in the movie and is a common term in the Telangana region. However, he pointed out that there is another word, "Banchan," which is different from Banchat in meaning. The word Banchat appears four times in a song in the film, and four cuts were made to the song due to its usage.

Despite the censorship concerns, Odela asserted that there are no scenes in the film that are inappropriate for adult or mature audiences. The movie stars Keerthy Suresh and is slated for release on the 30th of this month. Fans of Nani are eagerly waiting to see him in this new avatar, and it remains to be seen whether Dussehra will be able to live up to the hype surrounding it.
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