Karthikeya Refutes Rumors with Heartfelt Thanks

A recent rumor that Danayya, the producer of the blockbuster film RRR, was unhappy with not being mentioned in the film's Oscars campaign has been debunked. Danayya clarified in a recent interview that he is thrilled to be associated with an Oscar-award-winning film and that he has no grievances with the marketing team's decisions.

Furthermore, Karthikeya, the executive producer of RRR and son of the film's director SS Rajamouli, indirectly refuted the rumor in his thanking note following the film's Oscars win. Karthikeya expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Danayya for making RRR possible on such a grand scale, giving him a special and noticeable mention.

It is essential to verify rumors and not jump to conclusions based on hearsay. Danayya's clarification and Karthikeya's mentioning of him in his thanking note put an end to the fabricated narrative. Gossip mongers often lack the space in their heads for fact-checking, and it is up to us to differentiate between truth and hearsay.

It is important to give credit where credit is due and avoid spreading rumors that can harm a person's reputation. In this case, Danayya's contribution to RRR was rightfully acknowledged, and the rumors surrounding his discontent were proven false.
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