How Did Brahmanandam Become 'Chakri' For 'Rangamarthanda'?

In a career spanning over four decades, legendary actor Brahmanandam did 99.9% of comedy roles. He possesses a unique ability to bring a smile to our faces just by looking at him. He can just lift her finger and it can make people laugh out loud. This shows the impact he had on the viewers over the years. Starting from the 80s to the current generation, he is the favourite of everyone and he is the care of address for comedy in Tollywood.

While all the massive craze is great to see, the comedy roles offered to him all the time made it tough for Brahmanandam to showcase his other emotions. He proved to everyone that he can make you emotional with his performance in 'Babai Hotel'. After a lot of years, he made everyone emotional once again in an even better role in 'Rangamarthanda'. Brahmanandam played the role of Chakri in the film and it will be a huge milestone in his career.

Krishna Vamsi should be appreciated for envisioning the King Of Comedy in such a role. It is quite shocking to imagine him in any other role than comedy for a regular movie lover. Talking about that, Krishna Vamsi said, "We need an actor of a certain stature to say dialogues like 'You are a bad actor' to Prakash Raj and even slap him. It should be a surprise to the audience. Over everything, Brahmanandam was the first person to come in my mind when I thought about the actor that could justify this role. I said this is Prakash Raj and he immediately agreed. Brahmanandam practiced for three months to get the hospital scene right. To appear weak, Brahmanandam even stopped eating for a few days. The effort he put into this role is extraordinary."
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