Indian American Stands In Solidarity With India!

Khalistan supporters vandalising the Indian Consulate in San Francisco in the United States became a big sensation. They attacked the structure with Iron rods and sticks. They even raised the Khalistani flags on the premises of the Consulate. The Office staff removed the flags shortly.

The Indian Americans did not like the attack and condemned it. They are demanding that strict action would be taken against the guilty. Indian Americans supported India while protesting against the Khalistan attack. They held a protest by holding the Indian flags.

Seeing Indians coming together in big numbers, the Khalistan supporters took a backstep. When the Khalistan supporters sought the support of Indians saying that they are brothers, NRIs denied and won the hearts of Indians by standing in solidarity with India. Their actions against the Khalistan supporters became viral.

The Punjab Police started a search operation to nab the sympathiser of Khalistan, Amritpal Singh. While his aides are being arrested, his supporters are creating a ruckus by protesting at the Embassies in Britain, Canada, and America.

Amritpal Singh has been escaping from the Punjab Police for the past week. Police found many shocking details about Amritpal Singh.

They say that Amritpal Singh set up a dedicated army for him and even has a special currency. It is also said that a special flag was also designed for the Khalistan nation.
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