Manchu Manoj Wants To Prove He is Fighting For Rights?

The Tollywood industry faced a big shock after an alleged fight between Manchu scions Vishnu and Manoj. The issue between the brothers made its way to the streets after Manchu Manoj posted a video on social media. Though he deleted the video, people downloaded it. The video reached the mainstream media.

After the issue raised many eyeballs, Manchu Vishnu tried to dub the issue as a casual one. He said that issues between the brothers are casual and the issue popped up as Manoj could not control the issue with Sarathi. However, the issue took a big turn.

Manchu Manoj posted two quotes on social media that say live and let live. One quote he shared says that fighting for what we deserve rather than living passively. He also shared a quote of David Lynch on negativity: "Negativity is the enemy of creativity."

Manchu Manoj sharing the two quotes amidst the controversy started a new debate on whether he wants to prove that he is just fighting for his rights. Manchu Manoj is the one who shared the video that accused Vishnu of trying to attack Sarathi.

Though Manchu Vishnu gave his reaction, Manoj is yet to give his reaction. However, he is making posts hinting that he is right about the issue. The new post he shared added fuel that Manoj wants to say he is right and is trying to fight for what is right.

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