'Varudu' Heroines Talks About The Biggest Problem In The Industry!

Bhanu Shree Mehta who got introduced to the film industry through 'Varudu' has recently created havoc on social media by claiming that her co-star Allu Arjun blocked her on social media. She has now become a content creator on YouTube and is making waves with her recent comments.

She says that age is the biggest problem in the film industry. According to her, women get confined to mother roles after a certain age and it is not applicable to men as they continue playing lead roles. She adds that most of the male stars romance younger girls and questioned how the worth of a woman can be determined by her marital status or age. She asked the filmmakers to stop this trend and told them to narrate stories of strong women.

A lot of netizens are giving their opinion on this issue in the comments section. Many claim that it is not a problem and hard work is the main reason of it. They are showing examples of a lot of heroines who are still busy despite getting married.

Bhanu got a huge introduction to Tollywood but the film's failure made her an unsuccessful heroine. She tried her luck and acted in some small/medium films but nothing worked out for her. She tried to stay relevant for more than a decade but it did not happen. Let us wait and see how things turn out for her as a social media influencer.
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