Confident TDP Believes It Can Crush YCP in 2024!

The 2019 General Elections saw the YSRCP coming to power with a landslide victory. The party won almost every election in the state after that be it by election or local body election or municipal polls. Winning Kuppam polls gave a big hope for YCP that it can win all the MLA seats and the party is projecting the same.

Why not 175 is the slogan for YCP.When everything was going in its way, the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh faced a big blow with Graduates MLC elections. The opposition TDP won three seats.

Rubbing salt into the wounds, TDP also won one MLA quota MLC seat. The election result should be regarded as a big achievement as a few TDP legislators are supporting the TDP. The MLC victory is the most discussed topic in Andhra now.

Instead of saying that it would learn from the mistake, YCP is saying that people are with the party and it is still focused on winning 175 seats including the Kuppam seat, represented by TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

The opposition TDP also did not sit silent and said that we will talk about this after the 2024 polls. TDP's response says that it is confident of defeating the YCP in the next general elections.

There is a possibility of this. It is an open secret that the Jagan wave helped the YCP to record a big win. Many MLAs who don't even have personal image won in the wave and there is no clarity if the wave works again or not.

The win margin in many seats is very less and many MLAs win with less than 1000 votes. On top of this, YSRCP is facing allegations that it is focusing only on welfare and not giving much focus to development and bringing new companies.

Moreover, the MLAs who are meeting people are facing a flood of questions on the issues they are facing. All these issues say that there is negativity for the YCP and the TDP would have chances of defeating it if it can bank on the negative aspects.
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