Many more YSRCP leaders ready to back-stab Jagan?

Why Not 175? This was the question that the YSRCP asked with lot of confidence till recently. But now, it appears, the things are changing. The confidence appears to be waning especially after two major electoral reversals. Firstly, the YSRCP lost the three Graduate Constituency MLC elections.  Secondly, the party suffered heavy cross-voting and lost one MLA constituency MLC seat.

The cross voting has left the YSRCP confused. It hoped to get the MLC seat with at least four TDP MLAs cross-voting. But, there was reverse cross-voting. Some YSRCP MLAs have voted for the TDP. As a result, the YSRCP lost the seventh seat. Clearly, the result was quite unexpected for the ruling YSRCP.

This as shaken the confidence of the party leadership about its campaign of “ Why Not 175.” There are reports that several MLAs are sulking and are unhappy. Not just that. Some MLAs have already opened channels with the TDP.  They strongly feel that if the YSRCP denies them a party ticket, they should have an alternative.

At the same time. The party is confused as to what went wrong. It is trying to understand where the calculations have gone awry. The YSRCP now realizes that many more MLAs are ready to rebel in the days to come. The YSRCP leadership feels that this could spell doom for the party in the 2024 elections.
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