Juniors or seniors: Who to bank upon?

One major feature of Nara Lokesh Babu’s Yuva Galam Padayatra is the clear preference for young faces. At every place, emphasis is laid on young leaders. This is mainly intended to project the image of Lokesh as a young leader. At the same time, the aim appears to look for alternative candidate for the constituency.

This has led to disquiet among the current crop of leaders who have hitherto held fort for the TDP. They have already spent considerable amounts to keep the party alive. They have also funded various party programmes and agitations in a big way. Several MLAs have also invested heavily in the Amaravati padayatra and other related agitations.

These leaders are now said to be in a confusion as to whether the tickets will go to young leaders and all their efforts would go waste. As a result, the seniors are wary of spending money on the yatra. They are also confused about playing a more active role in organizing the yatra  They do not want some young face to rob the opportunity and lay waste all the efforts they made.

At the same time, the young leaders too are wary of spending for the yatra. They are worried as they are not sure if they really get the party ticket to contest the 2024 elections. With both the seniors and the juniors diffident about spending for the yatra, the party leadership is said to be in a confusion as to who to bank upon.
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