Tech Giant Accenture To Layoff Employees In Phased Manner!

The global economy is not in a good shape and experts predict that the coming days will be troublesome. If their predictions turn real then we would see a big recession. For the past few weeks, we are seeing big companies going for layoffs to make the workforce crisp.

Now an Irish-American professional IT firm is said to be in plans to lay off the employees. Popular IT firm Accenture wants to lay off as many as 19,000 employees. The employees who would be removed account for 2.5 percent of its workforce.

Due to various reasons, the world economy is slowing down and the global economic outlook is getting worse. Following this, Accenture has reportedly decided to remove thousands of employees. The company also reduced its annual revenue and profit projections for the fiscal year.

The interesting case of Accenture is that the company is taking new employees to keep its growth steady. However, the layoffs will also happen simultaneously. The alleged layoffs will be carried out in a phased manner.

As per the reports, the employees who are at risk of losing their jobs would be sacked in the coming 18 months. The layoffs are said to be a part of the company's efforts to reduce costs and other expenses.

Accenture recorded good growth in profits in the last quarter. So many don’t expect a growth-yielding company to go for layoffs. But Accenture took the unexpected decision and would be removing the employees in a phased manner.

Over the past few months, big companies and tech giants are going for layoffs to cut costs and make the workforce short. Companies like Google, Cognizant, Amazon, and others earlier sacked the employees. It appears like Accenture joined the list of companies that are sacking employees.
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