MP Komatireddy Meets Modi, What's The Matter?

Congress MP Komatireddy  Venkat Reddy met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his official residence on Thursday. The meeting created a sensation in Telangana politics. The meeting is shaking the Congress and BJP. Komatireddy's meeting with Modi lasted for 20 minutes.

After the meeting with Modi, Komatireddy called for a press meeting and said that he did not discuss politics with him. He condemned the reports of his changing the party. Many schemes would benefit people and farmers in my constituency. I requested Modi to release the funds and implement a few schemes. Modi promised that he would help the people in my constituency, he said.

Bhuvanagiri  MP Komatireddy said that CM KCR did not allocate Rs 120 crores for the MMTS extension from Ghatkesar to Rayagiri near Yadagirigutta.

"There was hail rain in Ranga Reddy and a few regions in Nalgonda district last week. But CM KCR has no time to visit the farms damaged by the rains. I visited two places and assured people that I would support them," the MP said.

Komatireddy said that he cannot reveal everything he discussed with the Prime Minister and his constituency and people who voted for him are his first preference. Though he said that he is not leaving the party, Komatireddy saying he cannot reveal what he discussed with Modi again started the debate of him joining the BJP.

A few political observers are also doubting if the MP did not reveal the things as he did not get the required assurance. But we have to wait and see when he would wear the saffron shawl.
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