Rahul Mentions Gandhi's Powerful Quote Amid Defamation Row!

An old case hit former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi hard as a court convicted him in a defamation case. A court convicted the Rahul scion and slapped him with a 2-year jail term. However, the court granted bail to him and gave one month time to go for an appeal.

 The sensational development took a political turn with the Congress leaders and opposition leaders backing Rahul and alleging that the case is an attempt to stop the voice of the former  Congress chief. However, the BJP is saying that the case was filed for the defamatory comments he made in the past.

Amid this, Rahul Gandhi sent out a strong message that he is not going to fear development as he quoted Mahatma Gandhi. In his tweet, Rahul said that religion and truth are based on non-violence. Truth is his god and non-violence is the path, Rahul said.

Rahul Gandhi quoted the powerful quote of Mahatma Gandhi and gave a strong message that he would not fear anything.  Rahul Gandhi's tweet came at a time when people are discussing what would happen to him if his jail term is not canceled by the higher court. Experts say that Rahul Gandhi might face disqualification as a legislator.

It appears that Rahul Gandhi is not worried about the case and the consequences and for that, the Gandhi scion said he believes in truth and non-violence. We have to wait and see what happens next in the case.

 Going into details, Rahul Gandhi campaigned in Karnataka before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. During the same, he asked why thieves have Modi as the common surname and his comments created a sensation back then. A local court convicted him in the case.
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