Covid Situation Turns Tense In India, Fresh Cases Increased!

Without any doubt, the Covid outbreak is the worst crisis mankind has faced in recent times. The high transmission rate and the emergence of new variants make the virus a deadly crisis. India is not an exemption from the Covid outbreak as we went through three deadly waves of the virus.

Even in 2023, Covid fear is not over as the fresh infections triggered by the virus reached 1300. The recent data says that as many as 1300 people were infected with the virus, while three people passed away with the virus. After around five months, India saw a big spike in single-day infections.

When everyone almost forgot about the virus and is enjoying a normal life, the virus saw a big jump. On top of this, the cases of H1N1 and H3N2 cases are seeing a spike regularly. Amid this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is said to have chaired a key meeting with the concerned officials and given key directives.

Every time people took the virus for granted, Covid posed a big threat. The second and third waves are examples of this. After people let the Covid guard down, the infections increased at once and we had to face lockdowns and restrictions.

If the recent situation is not taken seriously we might face another wave. The government doesn't want to see the old scenes repeat and urged the authorities to take all the precautionary measures to stop the virus from spreading its wings further.

Advising the states to be cautious, the Centre said that the measures like testing and others should be ramped up. The health department in the states were directed to send the samples for genome sequencing if they found any doubtful samples.

Looking at the count of Covid cases in the country, the count reached a massive 4.46 crore (4,46,99, 418), while as many as 5,30,816 people breathed their last fighting the virus as of now including the three fresh deaths reported in the last 24 hours. On the other hand,92.06 crore Covid detection tests were done to date, while there are over seven thousand active cases in India.
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