Panchangam predicts tough times for BRS

Almanac reading is a key aspect of the Hindu New Year and there is great interest in knowing what's in store in the coming Hindu year. All political parties organize their own Panchanga Sravanams and the almanac readers usually say things that are music to the ears of the organisers.  The height of hilarity was when a few years ago, the same almanac readers predicted diametrically opposite things at both the meetings.

But, this time around, there was an exception. The almanac reader at the TRS-sponsored Panchanga Sravanam did not paint a rosy picture. Bachampalli Santosh Sastry, the almanac reader, said the TRS would have a tough year ahead. He said that the government will face troubles and will have a difficult time due to the wrongdoings of a few.

He said the education department will bring disgrace to the government and said the coming three months would be nothing short of a trial by fire.  He even predicted that there would be communal riots in Telangana and warned the State Government to remain on high alert. He also predicted that the summer would be severe this time.

Last year, the same almanac reader predicted that women would occupy high places and Santhi Kumari became the chief secretary. Similarly, he said that the government would suffer a serious loss of credibility and the Liquor Scam happened. Hence, the political watchers are worried about the things to come in the all-important election year.
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