No Delhi visit for KCR after December 14

Time was when KCR toured Delhi almost every month. In fact, in one month, he had gone to Delhi twice. But, this year he has not gone to Delhi at all. It is almost three months into 2023 and KCR has not planned any tour to Delhi so far, Not just that. There is no indication that he would plan one anytime soon.

His last tour to Delhi was on December 14, when he had inaugurated the BRS party office amid much fanfare.  Soon after this, the Delhi liquor scam surfaced and the name of his daughter Kavitha kalwakuntla has cropped up.  Since then, he has not gone to Delhi. Though there were rumours that he would leave for Delhi, the plans did not materialize.

Interestingly, KCR was not around when Kavitha attended the Enforcement Directorate interrogation. On all the three occasions, some ministers were sent but KCR chose not to go to Delhi. Sources say that KCR did not go to Delhi as he did not want to face the national media and answer their searing questions on the Delhi liquor scam.

Due to KCR's abstinence, the Delhi unit of the party has become orphaned and directionless. What more? KCR has also asked some of his senior ministers to go to Delhi when Kavitha faces interrogation. These ministers are said to be unhappy in staying away from their constituencies particularly at a time when the elections are fast approaching.
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