BJP Thinks There Is A Gap Between It And Janasena?

BJP and Janasena are in alliance in Andhra Pradesh for around four years. The alliance is yet to score the first win in the elections. All the polls the parties contested were lost. Of late we are hearing reports of both parties trying to party ways as nothing is working.

The BJP could not open its account in the recent MLC polls and the saffron party could not even win the sitting position. While the defeat shows the BJP is very weak at the root level, it also raised questions about Janasena’s support of the party. A BJP leader recently said that there is an image among people that YCP and BJP are the same.

Now P.V.N. Madhav, who lost the MLC elections is believed to have said that Pawan Kalyan is not walking with the BJP and despite the alliance between the two parties, it is not reflected in reality. He even gave the example of recent MLC polls.

Alleging that Janasena did not support the MLC candidate in the polls, Madhav said that there is an opinion that Janasena supported the PDF candidate and the party did not condemn this and this adds fuel to this.

The Andhra Pradesh wing of BJP is trying hard to show that the alliance with Janasena is very much on, and everything is going fine. However, the reciprocation is missing from the end of Janasena.

But the version of the former MLC hints that BJP might be thinking that there is a gap between it and Janasena and even for the MLC polls the party did not support the candidates and campaigned for them.
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