Odds Favouring Vishwak Sen! Will He Score A Hit?

Talented actor Vishwak Sen's 'Das Ka Dhamki' is going to be in theatres within the next few hours. Known for his passion and energy, Vishwak directed this film apart from bankrolling it under his own banner. He is showing utmost confidence in this movie and giving a lot of elevation in the interviews. He is promising the viewers that it is going to be a wonderful experience starting from the interval block to throughout the second half. The advance bookings are not high but the team is expecting them to pick up after the release.

'Das Ka Dhamki' did a very good pre-release business. The theatrical business summed up to 7.5 crores which means that it should get a share of 8 crores to reach the safe zone. Luckily, the movie does not have a big competition. 'Rangamarthanda' got positive reviews before its release but it is a movie aimed at the family audience. 'Das Ka Dhamki' is mainly aimed at the youth and insiders claim that everything depends on the talk after the morning shows.

Till 'Dasara' arrives on 30th March, Vishwak Sen has time to earn the required money. All it needs is a positive talk and considering the recent times getting 8 crores within a week is not that tough. A movie like 'Balagam' did exceptionally well in theatres. But 'Das Ka Dhamki' needs to become a hit and not an average flick like 'Ori Devuda'. Let us wait and see if Vishwak impresses the audience in theatres or not.
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