Delhi Liquor Case: Why MP Is Missing In The Scene?

The investigation in the Delhi Liquor Scam is going on at a good pace. The central agencies dealing with the issue are giving their best. The accused in the case are being grilled, while the custody of a few accused was extended to get more information from them.

We can understand the case progress as the custody of former Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and MP's son Magunta Raghava Reddy was extended. Telangana Chief Minister KCR's daughter is also questioned by the ED. She was questioned for two consecutive days.

When so much is going on, one name is missing in the case. YSRCP Ongole MP Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy is one of the accused in the case. His son was already arrested and sent to judicial custody. But, the MP is missing in the probe.

Earlier it was reported that he faced the ED summons in the case and he missed the questioning due to personal reasons. It is also reported that he receives the summons again. As per the reports, he would be summoned along with other accused in the case.

But now it is said that Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy did not even get the summons in the case. His office is said to have said this. The new reports say that there is no truth in the news of getting a summons.

Even if we have to believe that Magunta did not get a summons, many wonder why the MP is not questioned. Former Deputy CM was arrested and Hyd-based businessman Arun Pillai was also arrested. CM's daughter is being grilled. Despite all this, Magunta is missing from the scene. When all the accused in the case are facing either questioning or custody, the Ongole MP is not seen anywhere.
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