What To Do For Naga Shaurya Now?

No matter how much talent you have, the luck needs to favour you. While all the heroes put in the same kind of effort, some of their careers are on an upward trajectory with back-to-back hits while some others are suffering with successive flops. A lot of young heroes are in the second category and Naga Shaurya is one of them. After 'Chalo' which was a big success in 2018, he is unable to find a hit. Movies like 'Kanam', 'Ammammagarillu', 'Narthanasala' and others have failed to impress the audience and ended up in losses.

Though 'Oh! Baby' was a hit, it was Samantha's movie and all Naga Shaurya did was a special cameo. He worked in movies like 'Ashwatthama', 'Varudu Kavalenu', 'Lakshya' and 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari'. Unfortunately, all of them failed at the box office. His recent outing 'Phalana Abbayi Phalana Ammayi' too gained a flop talk. With non-stop flops, his career is at risk. But the young hero is not backing down at all. Two movies namely 'Naari Naari Naduma Murari' and 'Policu Vaari Hecharika' are on sets right now.

Along with them, he began a project with 'Dhamaka' director Nakkina Trinadh Rao under his own banner 'Ira Creations'. This is a very good combination and considering the director's track record, he is expected to give much-needed success to Naga Shaurya. The young hero is in a struggling phase right now and he is eagerly waiting for a solid hit. He is taking more care these days when it comes to story selection and is trying out different genres. Hope he gets back on the hit track soon.
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