AP Special Status,How Many Humiliations Should We Face?

Special Status to AP has almost become a joke. When AP faced a big blow with the bifurcation, the special status was announced as a small compensation. This is the first time a state was divided without capital. The then Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh said that Special Status would be a small relief to the state that faced a big loss.

The UPA announced the promise when the BJP MPs discussed the issue in Rajya Sabha. The BJP which said that the special status should be granted 10 years not 5 years even said that it would grant the status for 15 years after coming to power. But the promise is not implemented. Not just the Centre, but the parties should also be blamed for not putting up the required fight.

It has almost become common that, for the last nine years, a question on special status is coming up in the Parliament and the Centre is saying it's an old issue. The Centre has been saying that AP cannot be given the status. The issue came for discussion again.

The Centre responded to the special status issue again. The Centre strongly said that there is no possibility of giving special status to AP. It termed the demand as a finished issue. Centre quoted the recommendations of the 14th Financial Commission to this. It even said that the funds allotted had changed the disparity between the special status and other states. Saying that a special package was announced, the Centre said the funds were granted.

The Centre says that funds were given under a special package. The funds were already spent. It is saying that we should forget the demand. Whenever Jagan visits Delhi, a special category will be on the lists he asks for. Did the Centre which is saying no to special status told the same to Jagan?

Jagan is asking for the status by meeting PM Modi, Union Home Minister Modi. But there is no info on whether they told the same to Jagan or did they take the issue lightly despite Jagan requesting multiple times.

We hear announcements that Jagan asked for a category whenever he met the Delhi leaders. There is also a question of why the announcements are coming when the Centre is clear on its stand. There is a criticism that the Centre did not do anything for the bifurcation demands.

The Centre is clear that it will not give the status. But there is a question of why AP people are humiliated by asking for the demand when the Centre is not ready to give. AP people have self-respect. BJP is saying no to the demand and people cannot do anything.

There is a question on why the state is making requests despite the Centre saying it cannot give special status. Manmohan Singh would have not predicted that the special status would become a comedy aspect when he announced that.
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