Professional Occupancies Under Big Risk With Chat GPT!

The Artificial Intelligence-backed ChatGPT is the new innovation mankind has made in recent times. The software is being used by millions of people across the globe. Despite a few mistakes by the chatbot, the software proved that it can be a replacement for people doing the jobs.

Now research was carried out to know the jobs that are at the risk with the GPT (generative pre-trained transformer). Many professions are in danger of great exposure to chatbot. Shockingly, the professions that are at the risk are high-paying ones. They might make employees turn unemployed.

The Researchers at OpenAI and the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study on the professions that might get exposed to the software and the jobs that might be replaced by the GPT.

The professions are sorted as per the percentage of their exposure. Mathematicians, Tax Preparers, Financial Quantitative Analysts, Writers and Authors, and Web and Digital Interface Designers are at risk of losing jobs to the new technology of chatbot. All professions are at 100 percent risk of exposure.

Poets, web digital designers, mathematicians, tax preparers, blockchain engineers, translators, and writers are at the risk and might be replaced. The professions are dependent on software and hence they can be replaced with technology.

The researchers carried out the survey by listing all the professions based on the occupations and the exposure they have to technology and Artificial Intelligence. Though a few professions are at bigger risk, on average over 20 percent of employees are feeling that their occupation is at a risk.

"The influence spans all wage levels, with higher-income jobs potentially facing greater exposure. Notably, the impact is not limited to industries with higher recent productivity growth. We conclude that Generative Pre-trained Transformers exhibit characteristics of general-purpose technologies (GPTs)," the researchers said.

The Chatbot is a software application that was developed to make Artificial intelligence answer the queries of users. Users try to ask the chatbot a few questions. The AI-based virtual assistant also gave some shocking answers like terming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi among controversial people and advising users to not visit Kailasa, set up by Nithyananda.
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