Assembly Ruckus Row: YCP Starts Black Day Campaign!

Ours is a democratic nation. Raising voices and protesting is the main form of democracy. Not just common people, public representatives also use this aspect. We have seen MLAs and MPs wearing black dresses and donning black badges on many instances in a bid to protest.

The same trend has hit Andhra Pradesh now. It is known that the Andhra Pradesh Assembly saw some intense scenes today. With an intense fight between the ruling and opposition party legislators, a few of the Telugu Desam Party legislators were suspended from the house for the day.

The ruling YSRCP has been alleging that the opposition TDP created a ruckus in the house, and has started a black day campaign on social media. From the official Twitter accounts of YSRCP, former Minister Kodali Nani, and Tourism Minister Roja many of them used black badges.

Saying that the Telugu Desam Party Rowdies in the Assembly House attacked the YCP MLA Sudhakar, the ruling party said this is a black day. The YSRCP is saying that it is a black day in the state and the MLA was attacked.

A few legislators also mentioned that Dalit MLA Sudhakar was attacked in the Assembly by the TDP leaders. The ruling party is strongly pushing the opinion that TDP attacked its MLA and this is a black day.

Both parties are playing a blame game on the Assembly violence. It appears that the ruling YSRCP is a few steps ahead in making efforts to prove that it is the TDP that attacked its MLA.
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