Poster Game In Telangana: This Time Against MLC Kavitha!

We are seeing intense poster fights between the Bharatiya Janata Party and BRS in Telangana of late. As both parties are locking horns over many issues the leaders are cadre are targeting each other. The game started with BRS leaders setting up posters and hoarding against Modi during his Hyderabad visit a few months back.

The fight has been going on even now. When Kalvakuntla Kavitha faced ED summons, BRS leaders set up posters saying that Kavitha will not far such cheap tricks and real colours will not fade out. The posters were set up to say that they are standing in solidarity with the former MP.

Yet again the poster game started in Telangana. But the twist is that the posters set up this time are against Kavitha. The posters say that Kavitha has a role in the alleged scam and she brought shame to the state with the scam.

The posters are set up in the busy area of Hyderabad and they are catching everyone's attention. Though there is no information on who set up the posters, many suspect BJP's role in this. ‘You brought shame to Telangana', the viral posters say.

It is known that the BJP and BRS are doing a blame game on the Delhi Liquor Scam. While the BJP is saying that the central agencies are just doing their work and probing the accused in the case, the BRS is alleging that Kavitha was framed in the case to target KCR, the Chief Minister of Telangana.
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