Can Revanth's Mantra Help Congress Party?

The grand old Congress party which has a history of over 100 years is now struggling in many states. In a few regions, it is not even in a position to stay relevant in the political picture. It is somewhat strong in Telangana and the party is focusing on bringing back the lost Glory.

As a big step, the Congress leadership took a daring step by appointing firebrand leader Revanth Reddy as the chief of the Telangana state. Despite knowing that seniors are in the race, Congress opted for Revanth Reddy. The seniors in the party are yet to get along with Revanth Reddy.

Though the seniors are not supporting him, Revanth Reddy is busy with his yatra. His yatra is getting good responses from the people and he is alleging that the BRS had failed the state. The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee(TPCC) chief is asking for one chance from the public.

The Congress party still has a strong cadre in the state and it can pose a big threat to the ruling BRS in the polls if all the leaders can come together.

Revanth Reddy is asking people for a chance and we have to wait and see if Revanth Reddy’s mantra would help the grand old party or not. Revanth is only the strong leader in the party and if can make the best out of his skills then he would bring the party to power.

But the question is will the mantra work for the party or not. Congress is known for its internal fights and we can see that in Telangana Congress. When Revanth Reddy is carrying out the  Hath se Hath Jodo Campaign, the seniors are not taking part in the campaign and announcing separate yatras for the party.

The Congress party bifurcated Telangana from the combined Andhra Pradesh by taking a significant risk of almost forgetting Andhra Pradesh. But the grand old party lost its place in both states. While the party is almost empty in Andhra Pradesh, it is in a good position in Telangana. The party wants to push in more efforts and come to power.
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