AP BJP Leader Rubs Salt Into Painful MLC Defeat!

The Andhra Pradesh wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party is making tall claims that it would come to power in the next polls. But the reality is different. No one understands what is the confidence of the saffron party. In the past eight years, the party could not win any elections barring the 2014 polls.

As the 2014 polls saw the alliance between Telugu Desam Party-Bharatiya Janata Party and Janasena, the saffron party cannot claim credit for this. In the following elections, the BJP could not win any polls. Even in the recent MLC polls, the party could not get deposits.

On top of this, the Bharatiya Janata Party even lost its sitting position. Though Janasena not supporting the BJP candidate is one reason, the election result tells the real position of the saffron party in the state.

Rubbing salts into the result, AP BJP leader Penmetsa Vishnu Kumar Raju, the Vice-President of the party reacted to the incident and said that there is an opinion in common people that BJP and YSRCP are one and the image cost the party big time.

Talking about the Graduate MLC elections, Vishnu Kumar Raju said that the election result is an example of how people are looking at the party and the image of being close to the YSRCP should be removed at the earliest. He said that if the image is not cleared then the party had to face serious damage.

The Vice-President of the Andhra Pradesh wing of Bharatiya Janata Party also said that the election result is a big learning message for the party and the leadership should focus on how to take future steps. Vishnu Kumar Raju even said that BJP should walk with TDP and Janasena to safeguard democratic values.

It is known that the BJP is not ready to join hands with the Telugu Desam Party. The saffron party leaders are saying that doors are closed for the grand old party and the alliance is not possible. However, both parties joined hands in Andaman Nicobar. But the parties are not ready to recreate the same in AP.
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