Government To Collect Cess On Liquor To Support Dairy Industry!

No matter what others say, Agriculture is an important occupation in India. It has been a dominant sector and the majority of people are dependent on it. Cattle hold a big relevance in the Agriculture sector. Even the Constitutional Assembly Supported cow protection. But cow protection became controversial in the country in recent times.

Of late, we are hearing incidents of cow vigilantism in the country. People are attacked over doubts of carrying beef. A few Bharatiya Janata Party-ruled states brought laws to protect cows. Recently, the Allahabad High Court said that cattle, mainly cows should be protected.

Now a state proposed imposing of cess of Rs 10 on every liquor bottle. The government aims at earning Rs 100 crores more. The money earned from the decision would be spent on strengthening the dairy industry and increasing the income of the milk producers.

Shocking the decision was not made by a BJP-ruled state. A Congress-ruled state proposed the idea. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu proposed the idea. He said that the idea to collect Rs 10 on every liquor bottle will be effective from this financial year.

The Himachal Pradesh government wants to increase the income of the milk producers by buying cow and buffalo milk from the farmers. As it needs big money, the Chief Minister in the recently tabled budget said that it is implementing a new scheme.

To help the milk farmers, the government announced the ‘Him Ganga’ scheme. With the scheme, the government wants to help dairy producers with milk purchases and boost the economy.

Special allocations are made in the budget so that dairy producers would get good pay for the milk and they would not face any issues with price fluctuation. On top of this, selected beneficiaries would be given Rs 500 every month as a pension. Rs 500 crores are allocated for this. The scheme would be implemented in a few areas and all the areas in the state would be brought under the scheme.

On the other hand, Himachal Pradesh went for the general elections last year. During the campaign, the party made many promises for the dairy sector. Many say that the government is implementing the promises.
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