Ram Charan Talks About Salman Khan's Parties Till 5 AM!

Mega Power Star Ram Charan returned to India recently and he received a grand welcome in New Delhi. His fans were cheering for him and he met a few politicians before having an interaction session with 'India Today'. Host Rajdeep Sardesai asked some interesting questions to the 'RRR' star and he came up with good answers.

Charan was asked about the role he would like to play and he immediately replied that he wants to films that have anything to do with sports. He says it's long overdue and made it clear that he wants to act in a sports-based film. When asked if he would play Virat Kohli onscreen in his biopic, Charan said, "Fantastic. He is an inspiring soul. I think, if given a chance, it will be fantastic, as I look similar also."

The 'RRR' hero had some very positive things to say about Salman Khan. Telling the host about his family's relationship with the 'Dabangg' actor, Charan stated, "Even before I wanted to meet him, he invited me being my dad's Chiranjeevi's very old friend. They have done ads together for a very, very long time. Mr. Salman Khan. He said 'Beta, I heard you're in town.' I said, 'How come?' He said nothing happens in Bombay without his knowledge. He invited me home and that warm reception I'll keep in my heart."

Charan was then asked about the news of Salman Khan partying with his guests till 5 AM most of the time. Charan instantly said, "No sir, he is very graceful. He lets us be. If people want to stay, they voluntarily stay." Charan will soon be seen doing a special cameo in Salman Khan's next film 'Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan'. Charan is currently working on Shankar's political drama which is made on a pan-Indian scale. Kiara Advani is the heroine and it may release in 2024.
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