Ruling YSRCP Has So Much Negativity Among People?

Though it is not visible, there is a negative image of YCP in the public. The surveys are saying that in different ways in some or the other way. Though the YSRCP is saying that the surveys are done by the opposition parties, it is understandable that the ruling YCP is having some issues. YCP finished four years in power.

A clear change is visible. Graduates said they cannot tolerate further and rushed towards the polling booth. Clear indications can be seen as graduates who stay away from voting usually, spend long hours in the hot sun to cast votes.

The results hint that the youth is very angry at the ruling party. Employees, graduates, experts, and women, everyone is showing their power by casting the vote. They say that it is the reason behind the recent blow to YCP.

Experts say that TDP enjoying a good majority in two of the three Graduates MLC elections is the own mistake of the ruling YCP. Youth observed what promises the YCP made and how many of them were fulfilled. YSRCP forgot the promise of releasing the job calendar every January.

The YSRCP is saying that it fulfilled one lakh and twenty-five thousand jobs in Secretariats after it came to power. But the results say that even they are also not happy. It is said that they are getting less pay while they are forced to do more work. This might be the reason behind their anger towards the government.

Observers say that YCP would get an easy win if the Secretariat employees would have supported the government. There are no investments in the state and the existing companies are leaving the state. We have to say that the Graduates MLC elections gave a big chance for the youth who are worried about their future.

With this, the ruling YSRCP was pushed back in both constituencies. There is no clarity on the MLC seat in West Rayalaseema. The general elections in the state are just one year away from now. Ahead of this, the ruling party facing a big blow is a thing the YCP leadership should be worried about.
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