Shahid Kapoor Gets Rid Of His Stalker Fake Wife!

Talented Bollywood hero Shahid Kapoor has been in the film industry since the early 2000s. He recently came up with his maiden web series 'Farzi' which was made by Raj & DK. This crime drama impressed everyone and turned out to be a huge success. Today, we are going to discuss about an interesting incident that took place in his life.

Shahid is a very good looking man and as expected, he has a lot of female fan following. While a lot of men enjoy the attention of women on them, the problem arises when it crosses the limits. The handsome hero too had one such female fan named Vastavika Pundit. She is the daughter of legendary Bollywood hero Raaj Kumar. Vastavika was so obsessed with Shahid that she started to refer to herself as the 'Kabir Singh' actor's wife.

She fell head over heels for him back in the days when Shahid was attending Shaimak Davar's dance classes. Shahid showed no interest at that time but Vastavika reportedly used to stalk him during shoots and at every other place he went. There was an instance where she sat on the bonnet of Shahid's car and created a huge scene. Vastavika even moved into the house next to Shahid's and started to introduce herself to everyone as his wife.

With things getting out of hand, Shahid accused her of stalking and filed an FIR which made her run away. This news has been shared by the popular media outlet Viral Bhayani.
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