'Amigos' Movie Review

Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Ashika Ranganath, Brahmaji, Jayaprakash, Sapthagiri and others.

Music: Ghibran

Cinematography: Sounder Rajan

Dialogues: Surendra Krishna, Ravi Reddy Mallu & Sudhakar Reddy Eruva

Producer: Ravi Shankar – Naveen Yerneni

Story – Screenplay – Direction: Rajendar Reddy

After scoring a good success with 'Bimbisara', Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is back with 'Amigos'. It is a doppelganger drama where Kalyan Ram will be seen playing three roles. The trailer raised the expectations on the audience and let us dive into the review straightaway to know more about it.


Three exact-looking guys Siddharth, Manjunath and Michael meet each other through a website. Siddharth is a radio jockey who loves Ishika (Ashika Rangnath). With the help of Manjunath and Michael, Siddharth impresses Ishika and makes her fall in love with him. They both get ready to be engaged as well. But National Investigative agency officials fire shots at Manjunath and take him into their custody. It is later revealed that Michael is behind everything. Who is Michael? Why did he do this? Will Manjunath and Siddharth escape from him? All these questions will be answered in the movie.


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is not a great actor. He has a lot of limitations and his success rate is also quite low. But he never stopped experimenting with the storylines and he works very hard for every movie. Due to this, he developed a positive image among the people. He scored a big hit with 'Bimbisara' last year. It was a fantasy action drama and he decided to pick a story about doppelgangers this time with 'Amigos'. A lot of Hollywood makers explored this concept but it is quite new in Telugu. This is a very exciting point but showcasing it with the same excitement on the big screen is a huge task. This is where 'Amigos' falters as too much focus was kept on the negative character and the other two lead characters were ignored. The screenplay lacks freshness and the movie doesn't have any 'Wow' moments even though it doesn't bore you.

We get an idea about the movie's story when we take a look at the trailer. We will know that it is about three people who look exactly similar and one person turning out to be the bad guy thereby landing the other two in trouble. When the audiences know the story, it will be a huge challenge for the director to surprise them in theatres. 'Amigos' satisfies you initially but quickly takes the routine route once the three doppelgangers meet. One character falling in love with the heroine and the other two helping him to win her love is what we regularly see in many movies. The movie doesn't get on track till the pre-interval point. The twist at that juncture raises some level of excitement in the viewer.

We will be surprised in a good way after seeing Kalyan Ram's look as Michael in the flashback portions but the story lacked depth. The director included a few scenes that showcase the character's ruthlessness but they fail to create the required impact. After coming to the present, the scenes will not engage you a lot though they are not boring too. The entire chess game between hero and villain is ordinary. The biggest minus of the movie is the too much focus on the villain character and the lack of substance in the others. There are no highs in the movie as it runs on a pretty flat note. With no thrills or twists during the climax, 'Amigos' ends as an okay film but nothing more. The excitement we had after listening to the concept will be seen while watching the movie.


Kalyan Ram worked very hard to do three roles in this movie. As everyone's focus will be on the character with negative shades, he impresses as Michael. He portrayed the negative shades quite convincingly. The look and the flashback portions were ably handled by the actor. His separate dialogue modulation too worked for the role. The other two characters are very regular and Kalyan Ram looked quite ordinary in them.

Ashika is okay as the heroine. She looked quite bubbly and looked glamorous in songs and a few scenes. Brahmaji did well as the sidekick of the hero. Sapthagiri makes his presence felt even though it was a short role. Jayaprakash and Kalyan Natarajan as the hero's parents are fine.


'Amigos' did not reach the required standards on the technical front. Ghibran's music disappointed the audience. He is known for his BGM for thriller movies but he did not showcase his speciality despite the story giving him a lot of scope. The re-recording is loud in many parts. The remix song is good but the other song will not be registered in the minds of the audience. Sundar Rajan's cinematography is decent but there is nothing extraordinary. Such thriller movies need visuals that create a different mood but there is no such thing in this movie. Production values from Mythri Movie Makers are just okay. Rajendar Reddy selected a unique point for his debut film but faltered while presenting it on the screen. There is a lack of thrill in the screenplay and it doesn't engross you. He dealt with a few scenes very well but he did not give the best output in 'Amigos'.

Verdict: 'Amigos' – No Highs... Just Time Pass

Rating: 2.5/5
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