Baba Ramdev Makes Controversial Comments On Other Religions!

Controversial spiritual guru Baba Ramdev needs no introduction. He is known to many as a Yoga Guru and the founder of Patanjali groups. Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba who grabs everyone's attention by teaching Yoga to celebrities created a path for a new controversy.

Ramdev toured the Barmer district in Rajasthan. He took part in an event organised by the Dharma Pujari Maharaj Mandir Trust and made some key comments. Drawing a comparison between Hinduism to other religions, he said that the majority of people who do Namaz five times a day became terrorists.

He alleged that though a Muslim becomes a terrorist he still does Namaz five times a day. They think that they can do anything wrong thing after offering Namaz. They think Islam is just performing Namaz. His comments created a sensation.

There is importance in Christianity to light a candle in the Church. As per the religion, all the sins will be burnt if a candle is lit by standing in front of Jesus's statue.

Christians wear a cross and a few types of dresses are made for them. But the same is not the case in the Hindu religion and in no circumstances such things are encouraged in the Hindu belief, he observed.

However, Baba Ramdev said that he did not make the comments to criticise anyone and he is just telling what is written in the religious texts of the religions. He said that one group is claiming to change the world in the path of Islam and the other group is saying to convert others to Christianity. He said that expressing concerns about the situation was his intention.

Adding further, Baba Ramdev said that Sanatana Dharmam talks about weakening up early in Brahma Muhurtam and praying to god and doing Yogasanas. The Hindu religion teaches how to be on a good path and develop a good routine. Do good work and good deeds by worshiping your deity. This is what the Hindu religion and Sanatan Dharma teach us, he maintained. His comments might trigger a new controversy.
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