Pawan Fans Super Happy With 'Unstoppable' Balayya!

The latest episode featuring Power star Pawan Kalyan has released on Thursday night. It went viral as soon as it came out and fans were floored by the elevations Balakrishna gave Pawan Kalyan in the 'Unstoppable' show. Despite being scripted, it is not every day that you see a big hero praising the other hero with such dignity and humbleness. Fans were celebrating everything during the course of this episode.

The 'Legend' hero even asked for personal and professional questions which were very interesting. Especially, he asked about three marriages and Pawan replied that he did not marry them at once. He claimed that he got divorced before he got married every time. After that, Balayya said that people who bring such arguments are nothing but street dogs. This made Pawan fans like Balayya even more.
Everyone was surprised to see this new version of Balakrishna ever since 'Unstoppable' began. After the success of the first season, he came back with more energy for the second one. During the entire interview, Balayya made Pawan laugh a lot. It looked like the 'Khushi' hero enjoyed his time on the show. It proved that Mega and Nandamuri families have good relations despite being professional competitors.

Pawan Kalyan fans were ecstatic after watching this episode and this show is creating one record after another. This Pawan Kalyan episode has the highest number of watching hours and the second part of this crazy interview will be coming out on 10th February.
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