Ex Home Minister Reacts To Reports Of Leaving YCP!

One after the other leaders in ruling YSRCP are turning rebels and making some sensational comments. With this, we have been hearing a lot about the YCP leaders reportedly looking at other parties. The ongoing political developments gave the required momentum for these reports.

A former female Cabinet Minister is also believed to be in plans to leave the ruling party. Reports are abuzz that the MLA is looking at the opposition party to join to run the next elections on the party ticket. Now she has finally reacted to the reports.

Former Home Minister Mekathoti Sucharita could not get a second chance as the Cabinet Minister. With this, she earlier said that she would resign from the post as the MLA. Since then reports are going on about her leaving the party.

Former Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Mekathoti Sucharita reacted to the reports and said that there is no truth in this and he is not leaving the party. She also said that she will contest the elections from the constituency where the party leadership decides.

Adding further, Mekathoti Sucharita said that she will either be in the party or sit at home but she will not join the other party. The former Home Minister cleared all the airs on reports of her joining other parties with this.
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