Officials Bust Drugs Concealed In Soap Bars At Mumbai Airport!

Drug abuse is a big issue faced by our society. The concerned departments are giving their best in busting the drugs and rackets. But the drug agents and drug peddlers are coming up with new ways to run the business. One such different way of smuggling drugs was busted by the officials.

As per the media reports, the intelligence department received information that a person arriving at the Mumbai Airport was carrying cocaine that was concealed inside soap bars. So the concerned authorities checked the passengers and nabbed the [person along with the soap bars.

The person who is believed to be an Indian was coming to Mumbai from Addis Ababa on Ethiopian Airlines carrying soaps with Cocaine and the worth of the substance is said to be more than Rs 30 crores. After arresting the person, the soap bars were seized.

The accused was carrying soap bars with thousands of grams of Cocaine concealed inside them. After checking on the soap bars, the officials felt something fishy and found that there is Cocaine inside the soap bars.

With the help of wax, Cocaine was concealed inside the soap bars. A substance was found wrapped inside the soap bar and when samples were sent for testing the reports came back positive for Cocaine. With this, the concerned authorities arrested the person and seized the soap bars.

The soap bars reportedly had thousands of grams of Cocaine and they were worth more than Rs 30 crores. The officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) conducted the search and arrested the victim.
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