Life Term Sentence To Spiritual Guru In Rape Case!

Several sexual allegations were aimed at the famous spiritual leader Asaram Bapu in the past. The incident of allegedly sexually harassing women under the premise of spirituality created a big sensation across the nation. The court slapped him with a lifetime jail term as he was found guilty in the case of raping a 16-year-old minor girl in his Jodhpur Ashram.

Following this, he has been serving a jail term since 2018. However back in 2013, a woman made sensational allegations that she was raped multiple times when she was working at the Ashram in Gujarat's Modhera. She filed a complaint that she was raped multiple times between 2001 and 2006.

As a response, the Police filed a case and started an investigation. A case was booked against Asaram Bapu and seven others in the case. In the sexual harassment case that traces to 2013, a Gujarat Court gave a sensational verdict today. Declaring Asaram Bapu guilty, he was slapped with a life term sentence. So he attracted a lifetime term one more time.

However, the court acquitted six others including Asaram Bapu's wife as there is no concrete evidence against them in the sensational case. However, he is already facing a life term in jail. Asaram Bapu who once saw peaks as a spiritual leader is now behind the bars and his life is now lying there.
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