Singer Complains KTR Missing Flight With Traffic Restrictions!

Politicians and Celebrities enjoy certain benefits. When they are traveling on roads they will be given first preference and traffic diversions will be imposed. However, these restrictions will cause issues for other and common people. Not just common people, sometimes celebrities also go through issues.

In a shocking incident, a popular singer lost his flight to Goa. The singer said that in total 15 people including him lost the flight as a flyover was manually blocked as a Politician was going to the Airport and took the issue to the notice of Telangana IT Minister KTR.

Telugu playback singer Sreerama Chandra Mynampati who shot to super fame by winning the Season 5 of the Indian Idol took to Twitter to talk about the inconvenience he faced as he lost the Goa flight after traffic was stopped at the PV Narasimha Rao Airport Flyover due to a politician and tagged IT Minister KTR and his office.

"15 Memebers Including me missed our Flight to Goa 12.45pm today from Hyd, Reason the PV.Narsimharao Airport flyover was manually closed for General Public as there was a Ploitician Travelling to the Airport,Sir @KTR_News @KTRBRS Garu @KTRoffice Garu @TSwithKCR Garu,#inconvenience," Sreerama Chandra said on Twitter.

It is common to see restrictions and diversions of traffic when a big personality takes the same route. If a Chief Minister or Home Minister travels on the same route, the whole traffic comes to a standstill and no one moves. A protocol should be followed on some occasions. But there is another side to the story as people will face such obstacles.
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