Bottle Thrown At Singer At Hampi Utsav While Performing!

The Vijayanagara Empire is one of the illustrious dynasties in India. The dynasty gave one of the celebrated emperors Krishnadevaraya. During the Vijayanagara empire, culture and arts are said to have flourished. To celebrate the Empire, a yearly festival is celebrated and it is Hampi Utsav.

Various events and celebrations will be held as part of the celebrations. However, an unfortunate incident is said to have happened at the celebrations as a singer was reportedly attacked with water bottles. A few youths are said to have hurled bottles at the singer.

 Going into details, Singer Kailash Kher performed at the Hampi Utsav. While he was performing two youths reportedly hurled water bottles at him. The issue created a big uproar. The organisers of the show moved the local police with a complaint.

The cornered Police registered a case and started an investigation. Media reports say that two youths were arrested. It is said that the youths are not happy with Kailash Kher for not singing Kannada songs in a Kannada state.

Quoting the Police as saying, news agency ANI said that this happened at the closing ceremony of the event and, not happy with Kailash Kher not singing the Kannada songs a bottle was thrown at him on the stage. Two people who are said to have thrown the bottle were detained.

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